In the field of biowaste processing we do offer:

• Consulting in the field of biowaste processing
• Sale of NABAMIX H2 composter machines from own production
• Servis of composter machines - partial or complete repairs
• Production and sale of components for composter machines(tanks, augers, knives, etc.)
• Sale of branch crusher




This bio composter machine, crusher and mixer in one, is designed to cut and mix plant- and other bio-waste, which are suitable for composting(branches, hay, grass, leaves, food leftovers, wooden pallets). The end product from mixing is a material ready for compost establishment. Thanks to this machine, it is possible to take advantage of the biological waste instead of having issues with its storage, transport or incineration, what often comes with high costs.  

The loading of the biowaste can be done by an optional side loading arm, then with a help of another machine(for example a tractor with loader) or manually through rear opening.

Cutting and Mixing
The material is cut and mixed with the help of two horizontally installed augers on the bottom of the mixing tank. These augers are equiped with knives. The recomended maximal diameter of loaded branches to the mixing tank is 60 - 80 mm. The thicker ones we recomend to put aside and use it as firewood or crush it with the help of branch crusher in order to make the process of decomposting faster. The capacity of the tank can be from 5m3 to 30m3, what equals to weight of 1 750 - 10 500 kg. The average weight of the cut and mixed material is around 350 kg/m3.

The unloading of the end material ready for composting is done with the help of unloading belts with modifiable lenght and modifiable inclination.

Technical specifications, equipment, options

  • reversible and in height adjustable towing eye(Ø40mm)
  • reversible and in height adjustable drawbar
  • axle: ADR
  • narrow wheel track, pneu.: 285/70-19,5, 315/90-22,5, 14x65R18
  • bottom of the mixing tank produced of 10-12 mm abrasion- and accid-resistant steel
  • two horizontally positioned augers(with set of knives) in the tank
  • the augers are propulsed via 2 transmissions, 1,3:33, planetary gearbox 1:8,7, lateral gearbox
  • unloading belt(PVC or chain), unloading side(right or left), length is modifiable
  • rear ploughshare, hydraulic control of machine height, lowerable chassis
  • side loading arm
  • extended unloading belt/chain
  • weighing system 
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The branch crusher helps to crush the branches and other wooden waste. The crushing is done with the help of three knives, which are installed on the flywheel of the machine. The delivering is done by two valves, which are connected to the hydraulic circuit of the tractor. The speed of the delivering is adjustable, which enables to set the length of the cut material. The required power for this machine is from 30 kW. This machine can be used to crush branches with leaves or with needles, dry or wet ones as well. 

Zapojenie do trojbodového závesu traktora je možné prispôsobiť podľa želania zákazníka. Pri drvení sa konáre vkladajú zozadu traktora a podrvený materiál je vyfukovaný do priestoru cez komín nastaviteľný v rozmedzí 360 stupňov.

The end material can be used as heating fuel, material into compost, pressing in pellets/briquettes or using to mulching. 

Technical parameters:
• Length: 1 400 mm
• Width: 1 500 mm
• Height: 1 900 mm
• Weight: 415 kg
• Number of cutting knives: 3pcs
• Number of counterknives: 1pcs
• Maximal diameter of branches used to cut: 100 mm
• Lenght of the end material: 5-10 mm, adjustable
• Output: 5 m3/h
• Movement: cca. 0,3m/s, adjustable
• Safety brake: yes
• Required power: from 30 kW
• Cardan shaft rpm: 540 – 1 000 rpm
• Mount system: optional
• Cardan shaft is not in the standard equipment

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