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BAFFI AGROCORPORATION, s.r.o. presents you a special tool, which runs multiple superstructures on one universal chassis. This tool offers many advantages. One of them is the easy replacement of superstructures. On one chassis there can be used four different superstructures. Another, the main advantage, is cost saving on equipments and on trafic costs, what means that instead of four separate machinery there is enough to have one universal chassis with four superstructures. This way they can be used according to the actual needs of the company.

• in standard version, all vehicles are equipped with sprung axles
• optional rear steered axle, in case of three axle vehicles optional steered front and rear axle and with uplifting front axle
• axle with leaf spring or hydraulic suspension
• air brake single or dual-circuit
• small rear window - preparation of auger
• road traffic lightning 
• Hydraulic system attached to tractor, in option with separate hydraulic
• inspection podium
• tarpaulin in various forms
• front axle uplifting

We do offer universal chassis on three types of sprung axles:
• BAFFI UP 8-10.........boggie axle
• BAFFI UP 12-16........tandem axle with steered rear axle
• BAFFI UP 18-24........tridem axle, with steered front and rear, and uplifting front axle

Different types of superstructures can be purchased for chassis:

  • Platform superstructure
  • Cereal or silo superstructure
  • Slurry tank superstructure
  • Manure spreader superstructure 
  • Concrete mixer superstructure

The chassis can be folded hydraulically or manually ussing the feet. In the case of the largest trailers, there is a possibility to choose hydraulic or air suspension, whit which the body can be moved during the assembly , put on legs, or possibly on a chassis. Another advantage is that you can level the chassis, adjust it to terrain or road. Hydraulic suspension in the mountainous areas is perfectly adapted to the terrain. The next advantage is that we can lift up the first axle , with we can save fuel the tires. These large chassis were developed for the largest farms and companies providing services, which can use the maximal potential of this tool.

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