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Our company was established in 1997 when I decided that I will produce components for mixer wagons(at that times considered for a new technology) and that we will provide service for these machines as well. Since that time the company was two times reorganized and now its name is BAFFI AGROCORPORATION s.r.o..

How were the beginnings? The idea to start our business came when I was working at the local agricultural cooperative as a supplier. At that time there were imported the first mixer wagons to Slovakia, which were excellent. The machines could load the food, mix it and unload it with the help of only one person. Before, for the same work there were needed 3-4 workers. So thanks to it more effectivity came to the production. However when the first components came, I was really supprised by the sum from the invoice. The sillage cutter did cost 4 000 EUR! At that time, my salary was less than 5% of that sum. So I started to think. Why do we have to buy it for that high prices - why can not we produce it? And we succeeded! Step by step we managed to produce the augers, unloading belts, mixing tank and everything else for the mixer wagons that is produced from iron.

Nowadays we employ 40 people. We are in touch with almost all the suppliers for the other mixer wagons producers. We are in touch with the suppliers of electronics, hydraulics, axles, weighing system etc.. Thanks to it we are able to deliver components for very fabourable prices. Our another advantage is a very flexible service. In a case of emergeny we are able to fix the problems of our clients in less then 24 hours. We also perform complete repairs of mixer wagons. Our trucks bring machines to our workshop, where we repair them. For repairs that require more time we do offer our clients reserve machines for free on condition that it will be returned in the same condition as it was provided. During a month we perform 3-4 complete repairs of mixer wagons. Smaller repairs, like repairing the tank or changing the augers we can carry out in the place during evening, between feeding times.

Twenty years ago we started to produce our own mixer wagons NABAMIX. They are officially registered in the Register of Ministry of Interior and in the Register of Ministry of Transport. We produce trailed and stationary ones, vertical and horizontal.

The second part of our portfolio is represented by tanks/cisterns. We produce various types of tanks, like trailed ones, superstructures or just single tanks for various purposes.

The third part of our portfolio is represented by agricultural trailers, where we offer wide range of possibilities for transportation. You can choose from simple trailers to our special tool called BAFFI UP, which consists of a universal chassis and varios superstructures. 

The fourth part of our portfolio is represented by bio composters, which are designed to provide you a solution for problems related to bio waste.

I am introducing you our website, where you can see the portfolio of our products. I will be gratefull to be able to cooperate with you. We will do everything we can in order to satisfy your needs.


Robert Baffi

Owner of the company


novi sad

targu mures


Executive Director:

Baffi Robert: SK/CZ/HU/RU

e-mail: baffitopolniky@gmail.com

mob.: 00421 905 655 885


Economic and Invoicing Department:

Vörös Erika: SK/CZ/HU

e-mail: info@baffiagrocorporation.sk

tel.: 00421 31 558 21 91


Office center and Warehouse evidence

Krisztina Füssiová: SK/CZ/HU/EN

e-mail: baffiakrisztina@gmail.com

tel: 00421 31 558 21 61


Stock keeper

Mónika Károlyiová: SK/CZ/HU

e-mail: baffiakrisztina@gmail.com



Lévai Eszter: SK/CZ/HU/EN

e-mail: baffiae@gmail.com

tel: 00421 31 558 21 90


Opening hours:

07:00 - 15:00 Monday-Friday

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