Murska 1400 S2x2

Murska 1400 S2x2
The Murska 1400 S 2x2 is equipped with a unique roller cassette, driven by four gears, achieving a crimping capacity of up to 40 t/h. The tractor power requirement is 140 hp. The mill has a standard transport chassis or Max bogie trailer. The latter is able bring up to 2800 litres of additive and runs smoothly drawn by a tractor. Standard equipment includes hydraulic elevator tilt, working lights and a tool box. The Murska 1400 S 2x2 is an ideal machine for crimping large quantities of feed grain in a short space of time.

Technical specifications

Diverse range of equipment
• Trailer chassis for Murska 350-1000 roller mills • Bagger tube packing machine • Acid bottle stand for a 200 litre barrel with hoist • Additional hopper • Range of rollers: 2, 3 and 4 mm groove pattern and spot flute • Three times more operating time with super rollers