ROMET - shredder of bales

Shredder of pressed bales

ROMET complements the series of machines produced by STS Olbramovice, a.s. designed for feeding and bedding with the bale shredder. The basic execution machine is in particular intended for longer-distance bedding in deepbed and free-standing livestock stables. The machine is able to handle both round and rectangular bales.

Baleloading on the sliding bottom is made possible by the hydraulically tipping rear face.

Hydraulic drives with a transmission power the floor conveyor. Both the rear side and the floor conveyor may be easily controlled from the machine side. The floor conveyor transports a bale to the opening cylinder. Removal of the mass off the bales is provided by the opening cylinder with a large number of replaceable blades. The opened material is then spread up to 18m using the spreading wheel being powered by two-speed transmission from gear shaft. Bedding distance and direction may be adjusted hydraulically by a controlled flap on the spreader's rotary outlet that permits direction on both sides and behind in up to 220° angle.

All hydraulic mechanisms may be comfortably controlled from the tractor cab.

ROMET bale opener is available in two volume sizes – ROMET version processes up to 2 round bales, extended ROMET L version processes up to 3 round bales of diameter of 180 cm.

For the ones who need to unload the food or make bedding near from the machine, there is the ROMET PAS type machine. This type of machine has instead of the rotary outlet, a bi-directional belt conveyor, which can unload the material to both sides(left, right) in a distance up to 1,5 m from the machine.

Possibilities of the optional accessories:

  • height adjustable carriage shaft
  • folding ("bent") rear gate
  • gate adaptation to square bales
  • stronger hydraulic cylinders of the rear side for heavier bales
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