Reparation of mixer wagons

We are professionals in repairing and in servising of all types and all brands of mixer wagon. 

We do produce all kinds of steel components for these machines, like tanks, augers, unloading chains, chassis, cutters, cutters arms, hydraulic hoses, etc...

All the other components we do buy directly from the producers and we store them in our company. That is why we have the lowest prices.

For example:

Hydraulics: Casappa, Valvoil, Bucher,

Elektronic weighing system: Label, Dinamica Generale, PTM, Digi Star, Device atd

Axles: ADR, BPV

Gear boxes: Comer, Brevini, CMV, Hydr-App, JCTT,Reggiana Riduttori, Gardini

We have a few servis teams, which provide servise for our customes on daily basis in Slovakia and in neighboring countries of Slovakia and Hungary. 

With own trucks we do transport the machines to our garage and back to our customers. For the necessary time for repair we do offer reserve machines for our customers.

Certain types of services, we can perform in place without taking the machines away from our customers. We are able to make these repairs during the night between the feedings.