General informations NABAMIX H2

Description + illustration photo

  • reversible and in height adjustable towing eye(Ø40mm)
  • reversible and in height adjustable drawbar
  • manually adjustable support foot
  • ladder
  • axle: ADR
  • pneu.: 285/70-19,5, 315/90- 22,5
  • mixing tank bottom made of 10-12mm abrasion- and acid-resistatnt steel 
  • 2 or 4 horizontally positioned augers with a diameter of 500-600 mm
  • on the aguers are installed big knives, which are setted to counterknives in order to bring the expected effect of cutting and mixing
  • the augers are propulsed by chain 140 Rex Nord, with strong chain gears
  • the augers are propulsed via 2 transmissions 1,3:3,33, planetary gearbox1:8,7 lateral gearbox
  • unloading belt(PVC or chain), unloading side(right or left) and length of the belt modifiable 
  • rear hydraulic ploughshare, hydraulic control of machine height, lowerable chassis