General informations NABAMIX V3

Description + illustration photo

  • reversible and in height adjustable towing eye(Ø40mm)
  • reversible and in height adjustable drawbar
  • mechanical support foot
  • ladder + inspection podium
  • axle: ADR
  • wheels 14 x 18, rims from 10mm thick steel
  • chassis 180x80x6 closed profil + strenghtened with 12mm plate
  • bottom of mixing tank from 20mm, walls from 8mm thick abrasion and acid resistant steel
  • three mixing augers with 7 big and 9 small knives - the spiral from 15 mm thick steel plate
  • two manually adjustable counterknives
  • unloading belt(PVC or chain) with fluid motor, unloading to both sides(left, right)
  • additional two-speed gearbox
  • satelit s dvoma prevodmi, adjustable speed and time of mixing
  • samomazanie satelitu
  • universal joint - on one side with double joint 70 HP