General Informations

In the area of slurry tanks we do offer:

In the area of slurry tanks we do offer:
  • production of trailed slurry tanks BAFFI NTF ranging from 2 000 l to 20 000 l with four types of tanks( 1. deyed, 2. galvanized, 3. from inside glued with fiberglass laminate or 4. from inside sprayed with acid resistant layer)
  • production of tank superstructures
  • production of single tanks
  • production of universal chassis
  • service of tanks
  • repair of tanks
  • applying the figerglass laminate from inside, which is acid resistant(for transporting the DAM or fecals)
  • production of components on request
  • sale of parts

Our goal is the satisfaction of our clients. Thats why in the case of need, based on mutual agreement, we can adjust the production according to the needs of our clients.

Besides standard equipment we do offer optional equipments for extra charge:

  • inside fiberglass laminate layer 
  • from inside sprayed accid resistant layer
  • mixing system - a) with the help of a auger/spiral, which is positioned at the bottom of the tank(which is powered by fluid motor) or b) with the help of a tube with air holes
  • water cannon
  • preparation for applicators or with applicators(disc blade injector, line spreading or arable injectors)
  • weighing system - it enables an exact supervision of loading and unloading of the tank and it offert the possibility to set exact dosing with an automatic stop
  • hydraulic suction arm with the possibility to operate it from the tractor cabin(possible electrohydraulic control)
  • possibility to open the whole rear side of the tank
  • hydraulic motor to drive the compressor
  • hydraulic system for opening the drain valve
  • towing eye K80